What are the effects of hard chromium plating additives on electroplating production?

What are the effects of hard chromium plating additives on electroplating production?

Wed Apr 10 08:14:43 CST 2024

Hard chromium plating additives are chemical substances designed to improve the quality and properties of hard chromium plating. They have the following effects on the coating:

1. Improve the hardness of the coating: Bigely chromium plating additives can affect the crystal structure of the coating, so that the chromium grain is finer, thereby increasing the hardness and wear resistance of the coating.

2. Improve the polishing of the coating: by adding Bigely hard chromium plating additive, a smoother and more glossy coating surface can be obtained, reducing the need for subsequent polishing treatment.

3. Control of internal stress: hard chromium plating additives can help control the internal stress of the coating and inhibit or reduce the cracking or peeling of the coating due to excessive internal stress.

4. Improve the uniformity of the coating: Bigely hard chromium plating additive helps to adjust the distribution of current, so that the coating on the surface of the workpiece deposition more uniform, to avoid the problem of local too thick or too thin.

5. Improve plating efficiency: Some additives can increase plating rate and reduce the time required for plating, while also ensuring the quality of the coating.

6. Optimize the stability of the plating solution: additives help to maintain the chemical stability of the plating solution and reduce the quality problems caused by changes in the composition of the plating solution.

In actual application, how to use the additives requires certain technical experience. Since the hard chromium plating additives will directly affect the composition, structure and performance of the plated layer, improper use may lead to lower quality or insufficient performance of the plated layer. Therefore, during the plating process, customers need to judge how to use Bigely hard chromium plating additives (including ratios, process parameters, etc.) based on the actual process requirements and plating performance. For details, please contact our technical engineers.

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