What are the effects if the concentration of nickel sulfate is too high in the barrel plating process?

What are the effects if the concentration of nickel sulfate is too high in the barrel plating process?

Tue Apr 16 08:18:15 CST 2024

In the production process of barrel nickel plating, it is very important to control the concentration of various chemical components to ensure the quality and uniformity of the electroplating. Nickel sulfate is a common nickel source in nickel plating process, and its concentration in plating solution has a direct influence on plating process. If the concentration of nickel sulfate is too high, it will produce a series of adverse effects.

First of all, the concentration of nickel sulfate is too high, resulting in a decrease in the pH value of the plating solution, thereby increasing the reduction rate of nickel ions in the cathode. In this case, the coating may appear rough, and even produce dendritic or loose deposits, affecting the adhesion and overall uniformity of the coating.

Secondly, too high nickel sulfate concentration will increase the internal stress of the barrel-plated nickel solution, resulting in cracks or peeling of the plating. This is because during the plating process, the stress accumulation between the layers exceeds the resistance limit of the material, resulting in physical separation between the plating layer and the substrate.

Then, the supersaturation of nickel sulfate solution will cause the nickel salt in the solution to come out and form nickel salt crystals, which may be embedded in the coating, causing granular defects on the surface of the coating, affecting the appearance and smoothness of the coating.

In addition, the high nickel sulfate concentration may also lead to overload of the plating tank, under certain conditions, the overheating of the plating equipment may cause the stability of the solution in the plating tank to decline, and even cause the decomposition of the chemical composition. The plating process needs to be controlled and maintained well, and even small changes in the state of the equipment can have a huge impact on the entire process.

Finally, considering the comprehensive cost, the high concentration of nickel sulfate will also increase the material cost, because the excess nickel ions will consume additional barrel nickel plating additives, and increase the difficulty and cost of waste liquid treatment.

Therefore, when using Bigely barrel nickel plating additives, it is necessary to strictly comply with the process requirements and supplement the concentration of nickel sulfate to avoid the above problems. Routine practices include periodic sampling analysis, the use of measuring equipment to determine the exact concentration of nickel ions, and appropriate adjustments according to the actual situation to maintain production quality and efficiency. If you have any questions, please contact our technical engineers.

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