What are the characteristics of steel degreasing powder?

What are the characteristics of steel degreasing powder?

Tue Apr 02 10:42:44 CST 2024

Some customers are inquiring about what characteristics steel degreasing powder has, we'll take about it today.

1. Efficient cleaning: Due to its strong interface active agents and alkaline compounds, steel degreasing powder can quickly penetrate the grease and organic dirt on the metal surface, so that it is emulsified or saponified, easy to clean.

2. Versatility: In addition to the function of removing grease, some oil removal powder may also contain anti-rust components, which can provide temporary anti-rust protection during cleaning to avoid rust on the metal surface immediately after cleaning.

3. Mildness: Compared with some highly corrosive cleaning agents, steel degreasing powder is often milder on the metal surface, reducing the damage to the metal material.

4. Environmental protection: Modern degreasing powders are designed with environmental impacts in mind and may contain surfactants that are easily degraded or phosphorus-free formulations to reduce the burden on the environment.

5. Economy: Due to its efficient cleaning capacity, the use of steel degreasing powder can usually save time and labor costs, while reducing the required water consumption and wastewater treatment costs.

6. Easy to operate: degreasing powder is usually easy to dissolve in water and form a working solution, simple to use, both manual operation and suitable for mechanized and automated cleaning.

When using Bigely steel degreasing powder, note that:

① Correctly configure the concentration of the working solution, and operate in strict accordance with the product instructions or technical specifications.

② Control the temperature and time of the cleaning process to improve the cleaning efficiency.

③ Understand the compatibility of materials to ensure that no corrosion or damage is caused to metal parts.

④ The metal surface should be thoroughly rinsed after treatment to remove residual alkali.

After this operation, it is possible to obtain a plating layer with good bonding power in the plating pretreatment.

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