What are the causes of white spots on zinc electroplating surfaces?

What are the causes of white spots on zinc electroplating surfaces?

Fri Mar 29 08:24:29 CST 2024

In the zinc electroplating process, many electroplating plants feedback in the production process of the coating surface white spots, there are many reasons for such failures, only from the source, in order to solve the problem. In this article, we will take a look at the relevant reasons.

1. Wet storage: If zinc plated parts are stored in a wet environment, moisture can collect on the surface, leading to localized corrosion and the formation of white rust.

2. Problems with the quality of the plating: If the galvanized layer is too thin or unevenly plated, this will lead to localized corrosion, resulting in the formation of white spots. In addition, unbalanced composition of the plating solution, insufficient concentration of zinc ions in the plating bath or unsuitable current density in the production of electro-galvanizing process may also lead to quality defects of the plated layer.

3. Improper post-treatment: The plated layer after electroplating needs to be properly passivated or coated with a protective film. If the post-treatment is improper, the galvanized layer is exposed to a corrosive environment and is prone to form white spots.

4. Damage during transportation and handling: If an electro-galvanized part is scratched or bumped during transportation or handling, damage to the zinc layer may result in localized corrosion and the appearance of white spots.

5. Environmental factors: in the more adverse environmental conditions (such as high humidity, salt spray in coastal areas, etc.), the surface of the zinc layer is prone to oxidation reactions, forming white rust, a corrosion product of zinc.

In order to prevent and control the problem of white spots on electroplated zinc surfaces, the plating process needs to be optimized to ensure uniformity and suitable thickness of the plated layer, as well as proper post-treatment of the plated parts and control of storage conditions. Also in view of the positive influence of additives on the quality of the plated layer, we need to use Bigely zinc plating additives, which give a bright, well leveled layer.

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