What are the advantages and disadvantages of using brighteners in nickel plating?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using brighteners in nickel plating?

Tue Mar 12 08:20:09 CST 2024

In the production of nickel plating, if you don't add brightener, then the quality of the plating of the goods made will certainly be limited, affecting the production efficiency of the plating plant, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of the use of nickel plating brightener? This issue of the article we take stock.


1. Improve the brightness and luster of nickel layer: Brightener can make the surface of nickel layer smooth with higher reflectivity and improve the appearance quality of products.

2. Improve leveling: Nickel plating brightener helps the nickel layer to get better leveling and reduce surface defects, such as pinholes, watermarks, orange peel, etc.

3. Enhancement of the corrosion resistance of the nickel layer: As the surface of the nickel layer is smoother and denser, the brightener can improve the corrosion resistance of the nickel layer.

4. Reduce porosity: Brightener helps to reduce the porosity on the surface of the nickel layer, improve its sealing performance and protection.

5. Reduction of internal stress: Proper control of the use of brighteners helps to reduce the internal stress of the nickel layer and improve the mechanical properties of the nickel layer.


1. Difficult to control: the use of brightening agent needs to control the process parameters, improper use may cause nickel layer quality problems, such as plating cracks, brittleness increase and so on.

2. Cost increase: The use of brighteners will lead to an increase in the chemical cost of the plating process and may require additional environmental treatment costs.

3. Nickel layer brittleness problem: Excessive use of brighteners may cause the nickel layer to become brittle, negatively affecting the mechanical strength of the nickel layer.

Therefore, when using nickel plating brightener, plating plant needs to consider the requirements of the product, cost budget, reasonable selection and control the use of brightener to ensure product quality. If you want to get good quality plating layer, you can use Bigely nickel plating brightener Ni-301, which has good deep plating ability, and can deposit the nickel plating layer with detailed crystallization in the low area, with even distribution of plating layer and good corrosion resistance.

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