Try this electroless nickel plating additive to solve the yellowing problem of the coating

Try this electroless nickel plating additive to solve the yellowing problem of the coating

Tue Aug 16 15:18:05 CST 2022

    Mr. Xu is the boss of an electroplating factory in Chaozhou. His production line is mainly engaged in the production and processing of electroless nickel plating of small parts.Recently, the workpiece produced by the electroless nickel plating additive used by Mr. Xu has the problem of yellowing, which will affect the appearance and performance of the workpiece.

    The electroless nickel plating additive  supplier used by Mr. Xu has a support team to the site to check, adjust the parameters of the plating solution and replace the cleaning water. The problem of yellowing of the workpiece still exists, but it can be delivered barely.Mr. Xu was not satisfied with this result. One day, he found the product Ni-809 of bigolly technology by searching "electroless nickel plating additive" on the Internet, and learned in detail about the process parameters, product characteristics and product effect drawing of this product with bigolly's engineers.

    As Chaozhou is relatively close to bigolly company, Mr. Xu made an appointment with bigolly engineers to conduct on-site investigation and proofing.When the engineer proofs the workpiece brought by Mr. Xu according to the requirements, the appearance color of the workpiece is uniform and white, which fully meets Mr. Xu's requirements for the appearance of the workpiece.However, Mr. Xu said that the performance of the workpiece coating needs further testing, so he took the proofed workpiece back for testing.

    A week later, Mr. Xu called and said that all the samples he brought back passed the test, with high hardness and good adhesion. The customer was very satisfied, so he directly placed an order for this electroless nickel plating additive Ni-809.Now Mr. Xu's electroless nickel plating production line is very stable, and there is no problem of yellowing of the produced workpieces.

    Therefore, when the chemical nickel layer of the workpiece turns yellow in the production process, we might as well try the electroless nickel plating additive  Ni-809 of Bigolly.If you want to find a non yellowing electroless nickel plating additive,you may wish to contact Bigolly customer service to obtain free samples and detailed technical information!