Treatment method for white fog phenomenon of nickel coating during nickel plating additive production

Treatment method for white fog phenomenon of nickel coating during nickel plating additive production

Tue Dec 20 09:22:33 CST 2022

    A customer enquired that white fog is easy to appear on the coating of the hole edge or low current area of the workpiece during the production process using nickel plating additives. What is the reason for this?

    According to the field experience and the characteristics of the nickel plating additive Ni-301 of the product, Bigolly Technology has analyzed that the white fog of the workpiece often occurs at the same time as the blackening of deep holes, which is because the plating solution is polluted by metal impurities or organic impurities, and the workpiece coating is prone to appear white and fogging.

    The treatment method is to treat the plating solution, and the specific operations are as follows:

    1. Take out the anode plate, add 2ml/L of Bigolly's Ni-391 impurity removal water, stir for 2h, and filter.

    2. When there are many organic impurities, 2ml/L of 30% hydrogen peroxide can be added into the plating solution and stirred in air for 3 hours.

    3. Add 2g/L active carbon into the plating solution under the condition of continuous stirring, stir for 2h, stand for 4h, filter and clean the tank.

    4. Clean the anode plate and hang it back to the plating tank.

    5. The nickel plated corrugated iron plate is used as the cathode, and electrolysis is carried out at the current density of 0.5~1.0A/dm2 until the iron plate surface becomes gray white.This process takes about 6~12 hours. When there are many impurities in the plating solution, it takes longer to electrolyze. The effect of air agitation is better when electrolyzing.

    6. Analyze the concentration of each component in the plating solution and supplement it appropriately.Some additives lost in the treatment process can be tested and commissioned in Hull cell, and trial production can be started after the commissioning is normal.

    Therefore, when white fog occurs on the workpiece coating during the use of nickel plating additives, we can handle the plating solution according to the above methods to solve the problem as soon as possible and reduce the loss.If you are interested in nickel plating additives, please contact the Bigolly customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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