This potassium chloride zinc plating brightener is a bit expensive and worth purchasing!

This potassium chloride zinc plating brightener is a bit expensive and worth purchasing!

Sat Aug 26 17:01:12 CST 2023

Due to the wide variety of zinc plating brighteners available on the market and their varying prices, many customers choose cheaper zinc plating brighteners. However, today I want to tell you that such potassium chloride zinc plating brighteners are even more expensive and worth purchasing!

For many electroplating production customers, it is important to choose a user-friendly potassium chloride zinc plating brightener, such as Bigley's BZ-528. The main reasons for the higher price of such brighteners are:

1. The brightener itself has strong performance advantages. Bigley's BZ-528 adheres to the use of imported raw materials to ensure good chemical stability of the brightener. During the production process, there are fewer decomposition products, less usage, and low failure rate, ensuring fast deposition speed, good adhesion, and excellent corrosion resistance of the galvanized layer on the workpiece. Moreover, during the two years when raw materials have skyrocketed, Bigley has never raised prices, effectively saving production costs while ensuring stable production for customers.

2. Save money for customers. As Bigley is a legitimate manufacturer of zinc plating brighteners, it can ensure high purity and low impurities of the brightener; Moreover, Bigley's independent research and development can ensure that the technical formula of the brightener is reasonable, and the consumption is balanced during the production process. This way, the maintenance and management of the plating solution is simple, and the consumption is low, which can effectively save production costs.

3. The service promised to customers. Bigley can provide customers with operation manuals for daily maintenance or operation of production lines, as well as training on products and electroplating processes, as well as after-sales service that can quickly solve customer production problems. In addition, Bigley also provides customers with required product samples or materials sent by customers for sampling and returning, allowing customers to obtain satisfactory zinc plating brighteners at a low cost.

So, this potassium chloride zinc plating brightener produced by Bingley is a bit more expensive and worth purchasing, as it has good chemical stability, low failure rate, and high production efficiency; Low consumption, which can save production costs; Good service, easy to use. If you are interested in potassium chloride zinc plating brightener, please contact Bigley customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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