The workpiece is prone to pinholes due to acid copper. Try this acid copper brightener

The workpiece is prone to pinholes due to acid copper. Try this acid copper brightener

Sat Aug 26 17:27:27 CST 2023

Mr. Zou is the owner of an automobile parts processing factory, and the main production process for the workpiece is copper nickel chromium plating on iron parts. Recently, after Mr. Zou's workpiece has been coated with acid copper, there will be pinholes in the coating. However, after several treatments of the acid copper plating solution, the use of wetting agents did not improve, and Mr. Zou suspected that there was a problem with the acid copper brightener used.

So, Mr. Zou searched online and found Bigley's acid copper brightener Cu-510, and consulted engineers in detail about the characteristics and operating parameters of this brightener. After understanding Mr. Zou's production process, Bigley engineers recommend that Mr. Zou use this brightener Cu-510. As long as this brightener is used correctly, the workpiece coating will not have pinholes.

This acid copper brightener Cu-510 has a fast light output speed and a good filling effect on the coating. It can also obtain a full and bright coating in low current areas. The brightener has good solubility in the plating solution, the coating does not produce pinholes, and the internal stress is low, which is very suitable for Mr. Zou's performance requirements for the workpiece. So Mr. Zou first purchased a bucket of acid copper brightener Cu-510.

After more than a week of testing, Mr. Zou found that after using this brightener Cu-510, the appearance of the workpiece was full and bright, and there were no pinholes in the coating. Moreover, the copper layer had a good adhesion to the nickel layer, which was much better than the previous brightener used. So, Mr. Zou signed a long-term cooperation purchase and sales contract with Bigley.

So, when our workpiece is prone to pinhole phenomenon in the acid copper layer during the copper electroplating process, we might as well try Bigley's acid copper brightener Cu-510. If you also want to find such an acid copper brightener, please contact Bigley customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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