The use of electroless nickel plating solution has these four advantages in production process

The use of electroless nickel plating solution has these four advantages in production process

Mon Jan 30 08:54:10 CST 2023

    In recent years, more and more manufacturing industries have adopted the production process of electroless nickel plating solution.What advantages does it have compared with nickel electroplating process, except that it does not need additional power supply?

    According to the site experience and the characteristics of the electroless nickel plating solution Ni-809, Bigolly Technology has analyzed the following four points:

    1. The coating thickness is uniform.Electronickel plating process is easily affected by the position of the plating fixture and the plating solution, and the uneven current distribution will lead to the uneven coating thickness, especially on the parts with complex shapes.With the electroless nickel plating process, as long as the workpiece is immersed in the plating solution, the obtained coating thickness is uniform, the uniform plating ability is good, and the thickness of the workpiece is basically the same.

    2. It will not cause hydrogen embrittlement.Generally, nickel electroplating uses power to convert nickel anode into metal and deposit it on the anode, while the electroless nickel plating process uses nickel ion to reduce to metal nickel and deposit it on the surface of the base metal.In this way, the hydrogen content of the coating in the electroplated nickel process will increase with the increase of the current density, while the electroless nickel process does not contain hydrogen, so there will be no hydrogen embrittlement.

    3. It can improve the functionality of parts or materials, such as wear resistance and corrosion resistance.Some relatively cheap parts or materials can have special functionality after electroless nickel plating, which can replace expensive raw materials or parts, save resources and improve economic benefits.

    4. It is widely used.Using electroless nickel plating solution, electroless nickel coating can be directly deposited on the surface of various materials, such as steel, zinc alloy, ceramics, glass, semiconductor and other materials, so as to improve the performance of these materials.

    Therefore, in the production process of using electroless nickel plating solution, it has four advantages over the nickel plating process.If you are interested in electroless nickel plating solution, please contact Bigolly customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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