The tin plating layer of the workpiece is easy to turn blue and yellow. Try this methanesulfonic acid tin plating brightener

The tin plating layer of the workpiece is easy to turn blue and yellow. Try this methanesulfonic acid tin plating brightener

Mon Nov 14 11:02:32 CST 2022

    Mr. Xu of Tianjin has opened a new production line of methanesulfonic acid type tin plating, which is ready for precise electronic product tin plating processing and production.According to a friend, Mr. Xu used a tin plating brightener, and the workpiece coating was prone to appear blue and yellow, which seriously affected the performance and service life of the workpiece.So Mr. Xu wants to find a better performance methanesulfonic acid tin plating brightener.

     One day, Mr. Xu saw Bigolly's tin plating brightener Sn-819 when searching on the Internet, so he understood the characteristics of the tin plating brightener in detail, and asked whether there would be blue and yellow phenomena in the use process.After understanding Mr. Xu's production situation, Bigley engineers introduced that yellowing of the tin coating was mainly caused by discoloration of the coating;The blueness of the tin coating is caused by the rusting of the copper layer under the tin coating, which is caused by the fact that only copper is plated under the tin coating without nickel or the nickel coating is too thin.

    However, Bigolly's methanesulfonic acid tin plating brightener Sn-819 has adopted the new R&D technology of Bigley and added TBC active ingredient, which conforms to ROHS and ELV environmental protection directives.In the production process, the plating solution has good stability, and can obtain uniform and bright tin coating in a wide range. Moreover, the displacement ability and welding performance of the coating are good, and it is not easy to turn blue and yellow, which is very suitable for Mr. Xu's tin plating requirements for precision electronic products.So Mr. Xu decided to buy a small amount to try.

    Under the guidance of the engineer, Mr. Xu has been producing for half a month. He found that the workpieces that had been yellow for two or three days before have not turned yellow after more than a week. The defective rate of the products has been greatly reduced and the production efficiency has been effectively improved.In addition, the stability of the bath is good, and the bath can be kept clear for a long time, so that the bath is more durable, the amount of brightener is saved, and the production cost is reduced.In this way, Mr. Xu signed a long-term cooperative procurement contract with Bigolly.

    Therefore, when the coating is easy to turn blue and yellow during the tin plating process of our workpiece, we might as well try this methanesulfonic acid tin plating brightener Sn-819.If you are interested in this methanesulfonic acid tin plating brightener, please contact the Bigolly customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!