The role of bath components when using semi-bright nickel plating additives

The role of bath components when using semi-bright nickel plating additives

Tue Aug 16 15:55:14 CST 2022

    In the process of using semi-bright nickel plating additives, usually in order to improve the corrosion resistance of the nickel plating layer, a semi-bright nickel layer is required in the system of double-layer nickel or multi-layer nickel.What are the components of the semi-bright nickel plating solution?

    Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product's semi-bright nickel plating additives Ni-331,The components of the plating solution mainly include the following 6 components:

    1. Nickel sulfate and nickel chloride (main salt).These two components are the nickel ions that provide the electroplating solution.Nickel chloride is the source of chloride ions that ensure the dissolution and depolarization of the anode.Too high chloride ion concentration will adversely affect the leveling force, ductility and internal stress of the coating, so the concentration of nickel chloride should not exceed the upper limit of the specified range.It is recommended to maintain a higher nickel sulfate concentration to maintain a wide range of current densities.

    2. Boric acid (buffer).Boric acid is very important, it can keep the pH value of the plating solution stable, and a coating with uniform appearance, good ductility and adhesion can be obtained.

    3. Semi-bright nickel softener Ni-331A.Ni-331A is a stable additive that does not produce harmful decomposition products, maintains the open cylinder concentration of semi-bright nickel, and maintains good ductility and leveling of the coating.

    4. Semi-bright nickel leveling agent Ni-331B.The role of Ni-331B is to provide good leveling and brightness over all current density ranges.With Ni-331A, a uniform coating is obtained, which is easily accepted by subsequent bright nickel coatings.

    5. Semi-bright nickel supplement Ni-331C.It can produce a uniform semi-bright coating in a wide range of current densities. Excessive supplements will cause coating stress, and insufficient supplements will affect the smoothness and brightness of the coating.

    6. Semi-bright nickel wetting agent Ni-382.Ni-382 can reduce the surface tension of the plating solution and reduce the generation of pinholes.In general, the concentration of 2.0ml/L is sufficient, but if the plating solution is contaminated with grease, even if the contamination is small, the concentration of the wetting agent should be greater than 2ml/L.

    In this way, we understand the role of each component in the semi-bright nickel plating solution, and we can better use semi-bright nickel plating additives in the production process to effectively reduce the occurrence of failures.If you are interested in semi-bright nickel plating additives, please contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!

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