The poor walking performance of the galvanized workpiece in the low area is not necessarily the problem of alkaline galvanizing additives

The poor walking performance of the galvanized workpiece in the low area is not necessarily the problem of alkaline galvanizing additives

Tue Aug 09 14:48:44 CST 2022

    In the production process of the alkaline galvanizing process, various failures will inevitably occur, such as poor bonding, scorching, and poor positioning.And sometimes the failure is not necessarily caused by the addition of alkaline galvanizing additives, but may be caused by improper operation on site. Mr. Lin is such an example.

    A few days ago, Mr. Lin called and said that the products produced by the electroplating factory were not well positioned, and the low areas of the products were black, which seriously affected the appearance and performance of the products.Mr. Lin believes that this is a problem with the use of alkaline galvanizing additives, and hopes that Bigolly engineers can help solve the problem.

    After the engineer arrived at the site, he analyzed the production situation of Mr. Lin's electroplating factory, checked the temperature and current density of the plating solution, and found that they were all within the process range.Because the bath temperature is high or the current density is low, the position of the zinc coating will be affected.

    However, Mr. Lin's electroplating factory did not analyze the conditions of the plating solution, so the engineer took the plating solution back to the company to analyze the main salt composition and additive concentration of the plating solution.Through analysis, it is found that the concentration of zinc in Mr. Lin's alkaline zinc plating solution is 17.16g/L, and the concentration of alkali is 103.18g/L.The ratio of zinc to alkali is only 1:6, which is obviously low zinc high alkali.

    The engineer was also worried about whether the alkaline galvanizing additive was insufficient and would affect the galvanizing of the product. After diluting the plating solution to the normal process parameters, the Hull cell slicing experiment was performed to confirm that the concentration of the additive in the plating solution was normal.

    The engineer informed Mr. Lin of the analysis results and inquired about the reason for the high zinc concentration in the bath.It turned out that the production volume was relatively large some time ago, and the daily production time was 14 hours.The production volume in recent days is relatively small, and the production time per day is only 8.5 hours.However, the zinc plate of the zinc-dissolving tank has not been hung up and has been in the state of dissolving zinc, resulting in an increase in the zinc concentration in the plating solution.

    According to the guidance of Bigolly engineer, Mr. Lin diluted the alkaline zinc plating solution, and the products produced gradually became normal.Mr. Lin said with a smile that it was very important to control the ratio of zinc and alkali in the plating solution. Fortunately, Bigolly's engineers were able to solve the problem so quickly.Bigolly Technology is a reliable manufacturer of alkaline galvanizing additives, and it is worth recommending to friends around you!

    Therefore, if there is a failure in the production process, the problems encountered should be analyzed objectively and calmly, and the failure should not be unilaterally considered to be the addition of alkaline galvanizing additives.With the concept of "leading technology and service-oriented", Beagle Technology can solve problems encountered by customers in the production process and improve production efficiency.This is also the value service and social responsibility that Bigolly Technology gives its customers.