The hanging tin plating solution has more foam and is prone to turbidity. Try this matte tin plating additives

The hanging tin plating solution has more foam and is prone to turbidity. Try this matte tin plating additives

Sat Apr 01 16:31:17 CST 2023

Mr. Zhao from Dongguan is the owner of an electroplating factory specializing in tinning various copper bar connectors. As Mr. Zhao used matte tin plating additives, the bath had a lot of foam, and the bath was also easy to become turbid. The supplier recommended using tin treatment agent. The bath would be better, but the production cost increased a lot. So Mr. Zhao wanted to find a stable performance, plating solution is not easy to become turbid hanging matte tin plating additives.

One day, Mr. Zhao saw Sn-818, an additive for hanging tin plating from Bigley, during an online search, and asked about its characteristics, dosage, and whether the plating solution would easily become turbid during use. After understanding Mr. Zhao's production situation in detail, Bigley's engineers explained to Mr. Zhao that this spray tin additive is a new product independently developed by Bigley, with a low foam formulation design, and is formulated using imported raw materials. The packaged plating solution has good stability, and can maintain the clarity of the plating solution during long-term production, greatly reducing the treatment cost of the plating solution. After comparing several products of the same type online, Mr. Zhao decided to first purchase a bucket of Bigley's matte tin plating additives Sn-818.

Mr. Zhao opened a new 100 liter plating tank in the production line and used the tin fog additive under the guidance of the engineer. He found that there was little foam in the plating solution, the hangers would no longer stick to foam during the production process, and the replacement frequency of cleaning water was reduced. Now it is only necessary to change the water once a day. Previously, the plating solution became turbid after 5 days of production. Now, after using Sn-818, the plating solution has been continuously produced for 20 days and is still clear. Moreover, it does not need to be used with a tin treatment agent, greatly reducing production costs. Therefore, Mr. Zhao placed an order again and signed a cooperation agreement with Bigley.

Therefore, during the production process of hanging spray tin plating, the plating solution has more foam and tends to become turbid. Try Bigley's Sn-818, an additive for hanging spray tin plating, to effectively reduce production costs. If you are interested in this matte tin plating additives, please contact Bigley customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!