The electroless nickel coating of the workpiece is prone to pitting, so try this medium phosphorus electroless nickel solution

The electroless nickel coating of the workpiece is prone to pitting, so try this medium phosphorus electroless nickel solution

Tue Aug 16 17:57:05 CST 2022

    Mr. Li is the owner of an electroplating factory in Shantou. His production line is mainly engaged in the processing and production of medium-phosphorus chemical nickel process for metal plating.Recently, there was a problem with Mr. Li's plating solution:There are always pitting on the surface of the workpiece, but no problems were found after checking the pretreatment and the plating solution.This seriously affected the production efficiency, so Mr. Li planned to replace a medium-phosphorus electroless nickel plating solution with good performance.

    One day, Mr. Li found Bigolly Technology's medium-phosphorus electroless nickel plating solution Ni-809 through an Internet search, and consulted engineers in detail about the properties and operating parameters of this potion.After the engineer understood the problems that Mr. Li had, he patiently explained to Mr. Li.Some electroless nickel solutions on the market have technical defects. After a certain period of use, some of the active ingredients in the plating solution will fail, resulting in unstable electroless nickel plating solutions, and the plating layer is prone to problems such as pitting.

    Bigolly's medium-phosphorus electroless nickel plating solution Ni-809 has the technical support of European and American engineers to ensure that the plating solution has good stability during use, so that the plating solution can maintain the same deposition rate for a long time.Even after the bath is used for 12 cycles, there will be no pitting, which is very suitable for Mr. Li's production needs.So Mr. Li decided to buy 2 barrels to try first.

    Under the guidance of the engineer, Mr. Li made this electroless nickel plating solution Ni-809. The previous potion became turbid after 6~8 cycles of plating;Bigolly's Ni-809 plating solution has been used for 10 cycles, and the plating solution is still very clear, and the workpiece has no pitting phenomenon, which is much better than before.So Mr. Li signed a purchase contract with Bigolly.

    Therefore, when our workpiece is prone to pitting in the process of plating medium-phosphorus electroless nickel, we might as well try this medium-phosphorus electroless nickel plating solution Ni-809.If you are also looking for such a medium-phosphorus electroless nickel plating solution,you may contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!