The coating on the workpiece is prone to whitening after bright tin plating. Hurry up and try this bright tin plating additive

The coating on the workpiece is prone to whitening after bright tin plating. Hurry up and try this bright tin plating additive

Sat May 13 17:15:36 CST 2023

Liu is always the owner of an electroplating factory in Shenzhen that specializes in tinning various electronic components. Recently, Mr. Liu's terminal components have always been complained by customers that the bright tin coating will have whitening, which will affect the performance and service life of the workpiece. So Mr. Liu wanted to search online to see if other bright tin plating additives would also encounter such problems.

Mr. Liu browsed the website of Sn-807, a bright tin plating additive from Bigley, and had a detailed understanding of its performance and effectiveness. He also inquired about the reasons why the tin coating may turn white during the production process. After understanding Mr. Liu's production needs, engineers from Bigley explained to him that the quality of the bright tin plating layer is closely related to the quality of the tin plating additives. The main reason is the instability of the plating solution. Generally, new plating solutions are not problematic, but after several decades of production, there will be a phenomenon of white coating appearance, especially obvious hole edges.

And the Sn-807 bright tin plating additive from Bigley adopts new research and development technology, specifically adding TBC active ingredients, and insists on using imported raw materials to ensure good stability during the production process of the additive. The workpiece can obtain a uniform and bright tin coating within a wide operating range, and the coating is not prone to whitening or yellowing. After considering it, Mr. Liu decided to buy a small amount of samples and try it out first.

Under the guidance of engineers, Mr. Liu used this bright tin plating additive Sn-807. Through continuous chip testing, the appearance and performance of the coating were compared. It was found that the plating solution had high stability, corrosion resistance, and solderability, making it more suitable for the tin plating requirements of these electronic components. A few days later, Mr. Liu directly agreed to the product quotation sent by the engineer and paid for the order.

So, when our workpiece is prone to white coating after bright tin plating, we should try Bigley's bright tin plating additive Sn-807 as soon as possible to reduce the occurrence of faults and effectively improve production efficiency. If you are interested in this bright tin plating additive, you can contact Bigley customer service to obtain free samples and detailed technical information!