The coating of bright tin workpieces is easy to get foggy,try this methylsulfonic acid tinning brightener

The coating of bright tin workpieces is easy to get foggy,try this methylsulfonic acid tinning brightener

Fri Mar 03 08:49:26 CST 2023

    Mr. Duan is the owner of a tin-plating factory in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, mainly engaged in tin-plating processing and production of electronic components.In the past month, the coating of terminal pieces produced by Mr. Duan has always been foggy after bright tin plating, and the inspection and treatment of the plating solution have not solved the problem.So Mr. Duan wanted to find a kind of methylsulfonic acid tinning brightener with good performance and not easy to fog.

    One day, Mr. Duan found Bigolly Technology by searching the "manufacturer of methylsulfonic acid tinning brightener" on the Internet and asked whether there was a suitable product for him.After understanding the production situation of Mr. Duan in detail, the Bigolly engineer explained to Mr. Duan that in addition to the misting phenomenon of the tin coating and the improper processing parameters, the following two conditions may also be involved:

    1. When tin plating, too much tetravalent tin is produced in the plating solution, and the plating solution is easy to be turbid, and the tin coating will appear foggy.

    2. The tin plating additive used in the production process decomposes too many products and produces organic impurities, which will deepen the color of the plating solution and increase the viscosity, resulting in the brittleness, haze, stripes and pinholes of the coating.

    Bigolly's Methylsulfonic acid tinning brightener Sn-819 is prepared with imported raw materials with the technical support of European and American engineers, ensuring high purity of additives and high stability of plating solution.There are few decomposition products in the process of use, and the plating solution is not easy to produce tetravalent tin. The plating solution can be kept clear in a long time of production, and the tin coating of the workpiece will not appear foggy.After learning about this product, Mr. Duan compared it with the products of other peers, and then decided to buy a barrel of Sn-819.

    Under the guidance of the engineer, after Mr. Duan used this methanesulfonic acid tinning brightener Sn-819, the workpiece did not appear foggy, and after the high-temperature soldering test, the workpiece can also maintain bright color and excellent welding performance.Soon, Mr. Duan placed an order again and signed a cooperation agreement with Bigolly.

    Therefore, our bright tin coating is easy to mist,try this methanesulfonic acid tinning brightener Sn-819 to reduce the occurrence of failures and effectively improve production efficiency.If you are interested in this methylsulfonic acid tinning brightener, please contact Bigolly customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!