The brightness of the chemical nickel layer on the workpiece is difficult to control. Hurry up and try this electroless nickel plating

The brightness of the chemical nickel layer on the workpiece is difficult to control. Hurry up and try this electroless nickel plating

Thu Apr 27 18:41:41 CST 2023

Mr. Sun from Dongguan is the owner of a processing factory that specializes in plating chemical nickel on various hardware products, molds, electronic accessories, mechanical equipment, and other workpieces. Recently, after using the Electroless Nickel additive used by Mr. Sun for 2 cycles, the process parameters of the plating solution are normal, but the brightness of the workpiece coating is difficult to control. The brightness difference between the previous batch of workpieces and the next batch of workpieces is relatively large. Due to a significant deviation between the appearance of the workpiece and the customer's requirements, the teacher was complained about, so Mr. Sun wanted to find a chemical nickel solution with stable appearance and performance.

One day, while searching online, Mr. Sun saw the Bigley Electroless Nickel additive Ni-809. He had a detailed understanding of the characteristics of this potion and asked if there would be a phenomenon where the appearance brightness was difficult to control. After understanding Mr. Sun's production situation, engineers from Bigley explained to him that some chemical nickel potions on the market may exhibit unstable and difficult to control brightness of the workpiece after a period of use due to immature technical formulas.

And this chemical nickel solution Ni-809 is a product that has been upgraded and improved by Bigley through technical formula upgrades, with the addition of TBC active ingredients and the use of imported raw materials. The plating solution has good stability during the production process, and the coating can maintain consistent brightness and deposition rate, with simple operation and low failure rate. After considering it, Mr. Sun decided to buy one bucket first and give it a try.

Under the guidance of the engineer, Mr. Sun used this Electroless Nickel additive Ni-809 and found that the stability of the plating solution was indeed very good. After 8 cycles of use, the brightness of the workpiece coating remained stable, and the adhesion, hardness, and other properties of the coating were also good, making production more effortless. In addition, the amount of medicine added during the production process is also reduced by 20%, effectively saving production costs. So, Mr. Sun placed another order and signed a cooperation agreement with Bigley.

So, when the brightness of our workpiece is difficult to control during the production process of chemical nickel plating, we should try Bigley's Electroless Nickel additive Ni-809 as soon as possible. If you are interested in this chemical nickel solution, please contact Bigley customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!