The bright nickel layer on the workpiece is prone to peeling, so you can try this nickel plating additive

The bright nickel layer on the workpiece is prone to peeling, so you can try this nickel plating additive

Sat Aug 26 16:05:12 CST 2023

Mr. Sun's company is a company that specializes in electroplating and processing of automotive parts. Recently, their workpieces have always experienced peeling during the electroplating of bright nickel, and this phenomenon has not improved after the solution supplier adjusted the plating solution. Due to production pressure, Mr. Sun is considering replacing them with a better nickel plating additive.

So, Mr. Sun found Bigley Technology by searching online for "nickel plating additive manufacturers" and consulted in detail about nickel plating additives. After understanding Mr. Sun's situation, Bigley engineers recommended Mr. Sun to use Bigley's nickel plating additive Ni-301 and explained in detail to Mr. Sun the reasons for the peeling phenomenon in the nickel plating layer. This nickel plating additive Ni-301 can ensure that the nickel coating on the workpiece has a bright and beautiful color, fast light output speed, soft coating, good adhesion, and no peeling of the coating. In addition, the operating range of Ni-301 is relatively wide, making it easier to operate. So, Mr. Sun decided to buy a small amount one after another and try it out.

Under the guidance of the engineer, Mr. Sun used this nickel plating additive Ni-301 to repeatedly test several batches of workpieces. After conducting a hundred grid test, the coating did not show any detachment. Moreover, the operating range of this additive is relatively wide, and there will be no burning or leakage during normal operation, which meets their requirements for the coating of workpieces. So Mr. Sun signed a procurement contract with Bigley.

So, when electroplating bright nickel on workpieces, the coating is prone to peeling, so it's best to try Bigley's nickel plating additive Ni-301. If you also want to find such a nickel plating additive with good adhesion, please contact Bigley customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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