The blue passivation of the workpiece after the production of zinc acid barrel plating is prone to color deviation. Try this blue zinc passivator!

The blue passivation of the workpiece after the production of zinc acid barrel plating is prone to color deviation. Try this blue zinc passivator!

Tue Jan 31 10:40:59 CST 2023

    Mr. Zheng is the owner of an electroplating factory in Yantai, Shandong Province, which is engaged in the processing of various kinds of hardware products, such as acid zinc plating.Recently, Mr. Zhang found in the production process that after the blue-zinc passivation of the workpiece, the coating always appears color deviation.However, this phenomenon still exists after the passivation solution is adjusted several times.So Mr. Zheng wanted to replace a trivalent chrome blue zinc passivator that would not deflect color.

    One day, Mr. Zheng found Bigolly's blue zinc passivator BZ-212 through online search, so he knew the process parameters and product effect diagram of this passivator in detail, and paid special attention to whether this passivator would appear color deviation in the production process.

    After providing the product rendering, the engineer explained to Mr. Zheng that there were two main reasons:1. The raw material of the passivation agent is impure, and too many impurities will be brought into the production process, resulting in the color deviation of the passivation film of the workpiece;2. The passivation agent has poor impurity resistance. When the iron impurity content in the working fluid is high due to the failure to fish the grooved workpiece in time, the passivation film will appear color deviation.

    This blue zinc passivator BZ-212 is produced by using the raw materials of BASF in Germany and Dow Chemical in the United States.It can ensure that the passivation agent has high purity and few impurities, and will not bring impurities into the production process, so that the passivation film of the workpiece is compact and uniform, and will not turn yellow and color.In addition, this passivator has a high tolerance for iron and zinc impurities, and timely replacement of the working fluid can avoid the phenomenon of discoloration of the workpiece.After considering, Mr. Zheng decided to try this blue zinc passivator BZ-212.

    Under the guidance of the engineer, Mr. Zheng used this blue zinc passivator.He found that the workpiece has good uniformity and stability after passivation, and the edge of the workpiece will not turn yellow even after it stops for 30 seconds,In addition, when the concentration of iron ion in the working solution reaches 120ppm, the passivation film will not appear foggy and colored, which greatly reduces the defective rate of products and improves the production efficiency.Therefore, Mr. Zheng signed a long-term cooperative purchase and sales contract with Bigolly.

    Therefore, when blue zinc passivation of zinc acid workpiece is prone to color deviation, try this blue zinc passivator BZ-212 to effectively improve production efficiency.If you are interested in blue zinc passivator, please contact Bigolly customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!