Such a hard chrome plating solution ​with high hardness and high performance is recommended!

Such a hard chrome plating solution ​with high hardness and high performance is recommended!

Tue Aug 09 10:58:50 CST 2022

    The hard chrome plating solution we use can obtain a thicker chrome plating layer on the surface of the steel substrate, and the performance requirements of the plating layer are relatively high in thickness, hardness, wear resistance, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.Therefore, choosing a suitable hard chrome plating solution can ensure that the appearance and performance meet the requirements.

    Today, I would like to introduce to you a hard chrome plating solution Cr-2 independently developed by Bigolly Technology.It can meet the requirements of the workpiece when the coating is above 10~30μm, and can improve the hardness, wear resistance, temperature and corrosion resistance of the workpiece in terms of the characteristics of chromium.Its performance characteristics mainly include the following 6 points:

    1. The appearance of the chrome plating layer is bright and smooth, the dispersion ability of the plating solution is good, the thickness of the plating layer is uniform, the deep plating ability is good, and the phenomenon of rough blisters will not be produced.

    2. The current flow density is wide, 30-90A/dm2, and the cathode current efficiency is as high as 22-26%, which is 2-3 times that of the traditional chrome plating process, and the deposition speed of the coating is fast.

    3. The performance of the chrome plating layer is excellent. The microhardness can reach 1000-1100KHN, the coating has good wear resistance, can produce micro-cracks, improve the corrosion resistance, and the salt spray resistance test can be more than 500 hours.

    4. The bonding force between the coating and the substrate is strong, the pretreatment process is similar to the traditional process, and the operation is simple.

    5. The content of trivalent chromium in the plating solution is wide. Usually, there is no need to stop production for electrolytic treatment of trivalent chromium. The plating solution is stable and easy to maintain.

    6. The plating solution does not contain fluoride, does not contain rare earth elements, does not corrode the low current density area of the workpiece, and does not corrode the anode.

    Therefore, the hard chrome plating solution Cr-2 of Bigolly has simple process operation, single addition of additive, convenient maintenance of the plating solution, and the appearance and performance of the workpiece coating can meet the requirements.If you are interested in hard chrome plating solution, please contact Bigolly customer service, you can get free samples and detailed technical information! 

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