Six basic applications of acid copper plating

Six basic applications of acid copper plating

Wed May 22 08:14:27 CST 2024

The sulfate bright copper plating process is favored in a variety of industries and applications due to its ability to provide bright copper coatings with good physical properties, especially in the following areas:

1. Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing: In the manufacture of PCB, the sulfate bright copper process is used to form a uniform layer of copper with good electrical conductivity on the conductive substrate. Bright copper plating can improve electrical conductivity and optimize signal transmission, while also helping to enhance the appearance of the PCB.

2. Decorative industry: Products such as jewelry, bathroom accessories, automotive decorative pieces, fashion accessories, door handles and other products are often electroplated with sulfate bright copper process to give these products dazzling surface and corrosion resistance.

3. Communication equipment: In the manufacturing process of modern communication equipment such as mobile phones and computers, some parts may use bright copper plating to obtain good electrical conductivity and appearance.

4. Electronic components and connectors: Due to the good electrical conductivity and appearance of sulfate bright copper coating, it is used for electronic components (such as chip carriers, connectors) and connectors to improve electrical performance and corrosion resistance.

5. Automobile parts: In automobile manufacturing, such as radiators, electronic components and other decorative parts, sometimes sulfate bright copper plating technology is used to improve the appearance quality and anti-corrosion ability.

6. Mechanical equipment: In the manufacture of some machinery and tools, the use of high safety, good corrosion resistance sulfate bright copper layer to ensure the long-term reliability of equipment.

Due to the good coating properties and beautiful appearance, Bigely sulfate bright copper plating process has become one of the selected plating processes in these fields. However, the specific application will be based on the characteristics of the product and the use of the environment for process selection and optimization.

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