Seven possible causes of pitting in alkaline copper process

Seven possible causes of pitting in alkaline copper process

Mon Jan 29 11:52:05 CST 2024

In the process of using alkaline copper plating additives, it is often heard that the master of the electroplating factory feedback that it is easy to appear pitting. There are many reasons for this type of plating failure, Bigely based on years of door-to-door service experience, summed up seven possibilities, this article we first discuss three of them.

1. Inadequate treatment: The pre-treatment of the substrate (usually metal) is not thorough, which may leave oil, oxide or other contaminants. Pre-treatment steps usually include oil removal, pickling, activation, etc. Ensure that all steps are completed thoroughly so that the copper layer is evenly coated.

2. Plating solution pollution: When using alkaline copper plating additives, if the plating solution is mixed with foreign impurities, such as sulfide, organic pollution, etc., it may lead to pitting. The bath needs to be filtered or replaced to ensure no pollution.

3. Improper hanging mode: The hanging mode of the workpiece may lead to poor contact or the details of some areas are not covered, resulting in uneven plating. Check and adjust the hanging mode to ensure good workpiece contact and uniform plating.

Therefore, when using Bigely alkaline copper plating additives, customers can contact Bigely engineers to provide assistance if they encounter pitting failures and want to accurately find out the specific reasons, we will troubleshoot the system and analyze the laboratory. Corrective action should be taken after identifying the root cause of the problem. In this way, it can ensure the smooth progress of the customer's electroplating alkaline copper production and improve the order delivery capacity of the electroplating factory.

There are also acid copper plating additives provided in our company, If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.