Recommend an easy-to-use alkaline zinc-nickel alloy brightener

Recommend an easy-to-use alkaline zinc-nickel alloy brightener

Tue Aug 09 09:09:39 CST 2022

Some customers reported that the alkaline zinc-nickel alloy brightener being used is not easy to use, the plating solution is unstable, and the plating solution needs to be treated frequently; the workpiece has poor coating uniformity, brittleness, and poor corrosion resistance. I recommend it to everyone today An easy-to-use alkaline zinc-nickel alloy brightener BZ-617.

Guangdong Bigely Technology Co .,Ltd is a manufacturer of electroplating additives. The company was founded in 2003. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Bigley’s alkaline zinc-nickel alloy brightener BZ-617 is specially developed for zinc-nickel alloy technology. It has the following 5 characteristics:

1. The zinc-nickel alloy coating on the workpiece contains 12~15% nickel, the process operation current density range is wide, the coating crystal is fine, the bonding force is good, the high current area is not easy to burn, the nickel content is evenly distributed, and the rack plating or barrel plating can be produced. Be applicable.

2. The workpiece coating has good corrosion resistance, which is more than 5 times higher than the corrosion resistance of the traditional galvanizing process. Even after heating treatment, the corrosion resistance is also very good. According to the thickness of the coating, the neutral salt spray test of the coating can achieve no red rust for more than 1000 hours and no white rust for more than 500 hours after being used with passivation agent and sealant.

3. The zinc-nickel alloy coating on the workpiece has low hydrogen embrittlement, which is suitable for electroplating on high-strength steel, and can also be used as a cadmium coating.

4. It is convenient to add nickel ions, and the nickel ions in the plating solution can be maintained by adding concentrated solution.

5. The zinc-nickel alloy coating of the workpiece has strong passivation adaptability. Trivalent chromium passivation can be used to obtain natural, blue and white, colorful and black passivation films, which have good adhesion and are not easy to change color.

Therefore, choosing Bigely Technology, an alkaline zinc-nickel alloy brightener with good operating performance and good corrosion resistance is worth buying! If you are interested in this alkaline zinc-nickel alloy brightener, please contact Bigely customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!