Recommend a high salt spray trivalent chromium deep color zinc passivation agent

Recommend a high salt spray trivalent chromium deep color zinc passivation agent

Tue Mar 21 16:38:44 CST 2023

Mr. Ma from Nantong, Jiangsu Province, is the owner of an electroplating factory that specializes in galvanizing various fasteners and hardware fittings. Due to several customers' requirements for a deep color passivation appearance that is salt fog resistant for workpieces, and the color zinc passivation agent Mr. Ma has been using cannot achieve a deep color color, and darker colors will turn green, making the color very unattractive, and the salt fog resistance effect of workpieces is relatively poor. Therefore, Mr. Ma wants to find a trivalent chromium deep color zinc passivation agent that is salt fog resistant.

One day, Mr. Ma saw a trivalent chromium zinc passivation agent BZ-207 from Bigley in an online search, and asked if this passivation agent could make the dark color he wanted. After understanding Mr. Ma's production situation in detail, the Bigley engineer provided several deep color workpiece renderings for Mr. Ma's comparison. After comparing the effect of the workpiece, Mr. Ma determined that it was the dark color he wanted. So Mr. Ma first purchased a small amount of samples.

Due to the technical support of European and American engineers and the use of imported raw materials to prepare this color zinc passivation agent, the appearance color of the workpiece can be adjusted from yellow to purplish red to deep color yellow, with good operability. Under the guidance of the engineer, Mr. Ma's workpiece was easily obtained in deep color, and 5-8 μ M's workpiece previously only passed 72 hours of neutral salt spray testing, but now it can pass 120 hours of salt spray testing. Some have passed 150 hours of salt spray testing, greatly improving the salt spray resistance of the workpiece, which has also been recognized by many customers. So Mr. Ma signed a long-term cooperative purchase and sales contract with Bigley.

Therefore, color zinc workpiece passivation cannot produce deep color and has poor salt fog resistance. It is recommended to use the salt fog resistant trivalent chromium deep color zinc passivation agent Zn-237 from Bigley. If you are interested in this trivalent chromium deep color zinc passivation agent, you may wish to contact Bigley customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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