Recommend a cost-effective trivalent chromium colorful passivation agent

Recommend a cost-effective trivalent chromium colorful passivation agent

Mon Apr 17 16:46:58 CST 2023

We all know that there are many colorful passivation solutions for zinc plating on the market, but many of them have defects such as unstable bath solution, short service life, uneven passivation appearance of workpieces, and poor corrosion resistance. So how do we choose a cost-effective trivalent chromium colorful passivation agent?

At a metal surface treatment Co., Ltd. in Chongqing, we have 3 circular hanging galvanizing lines, mainly engaged in the galvanizing production of various hardware and automotive components. The colorful passivation agent they used before resulted in uneven appearance and easy fogging of the workpiece, and the corrosion resistance of the passivated workpiece was poor. Afterwards, several colorful passivating agents were replaced, but the results were not ideal. By chance, they used Bigley's trivalent chromium colorful passivation agent BZ-208. The stability of the bath solution was good, and the workpiece not only achieved a uniform and bright color appearance without fogging or blurring, but also had good corrosion resistance performance of the coating, which could pass salt spray testing for more than 72 hours.

So, what are the characteristics of this trivalent chromium colorful passivation agent BZ-208?

1. Room temperature colorful passivation agent, free of hexavalent chromium, can obtain light yellow, purple red, fresh green, yellow green and other colors on acid zinc and alkali zinc coatings, meeting the appearance requirements of various workpieces.

2. Good stability, prepared with imported raw materials, good chemical stability, strong tolerance for impurities, and the service life of the tank liquid has been increased by more than three times, thus effectively reducing the frequency of customer changing the tank, improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

3. Good corrosion resistance. This colorful passivation agent BZ-208 can obtain a uniform and dense passivation film layer. After passivation, the workpiece can pass these salt spray tests for 96 hours, meeting the corrosion resistance requirements of customers for different workpieces, thereby significantly improving the yield of the workpiece.

4. Reduce water consumption and lower wastewater treatment costs. Due to the fact that using this colorful passivation agent BZ-208 will not cause sagging and watermarks, it can reduce the spraying and flushing of pure water, thereby saving water consumption. In addition, due to its long service life, this passivation solution significantly reduces the amount of wastewater compared to conventional products, thereby significantly reducing the cost of wastewater treatment.

So, such a cost-effective trivalent chromium colorful passivation agent BZ-208 can meet the color passivation requirements of various galvanized workpieces, reduce defect rates, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs. It is worth purchasing! If you are interested in this trivalent chromium colorful passivation solution, please contact Bigley customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!

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