Reasons for the lack of brightness in the low area of acid copper plating

Reasons for the lack of brightness in the low area of acid copper plating

Tue Mar 26 09:11:02 CST 2024

Acid copper plating process is a plating process that uses an acidic copper sulfate solution as the electrolyte. The process utilizes a DC power source to deposit a thin layer of pure copper on a metallic or conductive surface. Acid copper plating is often used to improve the conductivity of a product, enhance its appearance and increase corrosion resistance.

The main components of an acid copper plating solution include copper sulfate as the copper source, sulfuric acid for adjusting the pH and conductivity of the solution, and organic additives such as acid copper brighteners, leveling agents, and wetting agents that are often added to enhance the properties and appearance of the plated layer. Acid electrolytes are relatively easy to maintain and can create good plating over a wide range of current densities. However, in actual production, it is often the case that the low areas of acid copper plating are not bright, which is what causes this:

1. Uneven current distribution: If the current in the plating bath is not evenly distributed, it will result in the current density in the lower areas being too low, and therefore the plating will not be bright.

2. Poor bath flow: Inadequate bath flow in the plating bath can lead to insufficient renewal of the bath in localized areas, which may result in the accumulation of decomposition products of organic additives or other deposits, thus affecting the glossiness of the plated layer.

3. Insufficient or uneven concentration of additives: Lack of additives such as acid copper brightener, leveling agent, etc. or insufficient uniformity of concentration may lead to low areas of non-bright plating.

4. Insufficient cathode efficiency: Cathode efficiencies in low areas that are lower than appropriate can result in poor quality coatings in those areas.

In the above four reasons, we will find that the use of additives is appropriate, often affect the quality of the coating low area, therefore, customers in the use of Bigely acid copper brightener, our technical engineers will provide technical support for customers, customers in large production encountered problems, such as the amount of supplementation, PH value and so on how to control, can consult technical engineers.

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