Reasons for poor plating bonding when producing with semi-bright nickel additives

Reasons for poor plating bonding when producing with semi-bright nickel additives

Tue May 28 08:42:07 CST 2024

A customer inquired that during the production process using semi-bright nickel additives, the bonding of the plating layer is poor, resulting in the semi-bright nickel plating layer coming off easily, what is the reason for this?

Bigely Technology has analyzed according to the field experience and the characteristics of the semi-bright nickel additive Ni-331, generally there are 3 main reasons for this phenomenon:

1, the workpiece surface passivation before plating semi-bright nickel. When the cleaning water before plating semi-bright nickel is not replaced in time due to long time production, the surface of the workpiece is easy to be passivated because of unclean water washing, so that the bonding force of the plated layer after plating semi-bright nickel on the workpiece is relatively poor, and it is easy to come off.

2. Problems with the conductive line of electroplated semi-bright nickel. When the rectifier equipment failure, poor copper contact or poor conductivity of the hanging device, so that due to the line of poor current efficiency or instability, the workpiece nickel plating layer will produce a greater internal stress, so that the nickel plating layer of poor bonding, which is prone to peeling of the phenomenon.

3, more organic impurities in the plating solution. With the production, the plating solution will be the content of organic impurities will continue to increase when the plating solution with more organic impurities, semi-bright nickel plating dark and brittle, and prone to pinholes, peeling phenomenon. Therefore, we need to maintain air agitation and continuous filtration during production, and regularly use activated carbon treatment to purify the plating solution.

Therefore, we need to pay attention to the above 3 points in the production process of using semi-bright nickel additives, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of poor bonding of the plated layer and reduce the occurrence of failures. If you are interested in semi-bright nickel additives, please contact Bigely for free samples and detailed technical information.