Reasons for high consumption of electroless nickel plating solution

Reasons for high consumption of electroless nickel plating solution

Thu Jan 11 08:23:07 CST 2024

Electroless nickel plating, because the process does not require an external power source, is completely achieved by chemical reduction reaction in aqueous solution. In the process of electroless nickel plating, the consumption of plating solution may be caused by the following reasons:

1. Poor cathode efficiency: The conversion efficiency of nickel ions is low, resulting in the need for additional nickel ions to achieve the desired deposition amount.

2. Large surface area of plating parts: The total surface area of plating parts is larger, and the effective ingredients in the plating solution will be depleted faster.

3. Maintain long plating and cleaning time: too long plating time will consume more plating solution and increase the use of consumables.

electroless nickel plating solution

4. High operating temperature: Higher operating temperature will speed up the decomposition reaction of the chemical components in the bath, resulting in faster component depletion.

5. Improper ratio of plating solution: If the proportion of some components in the plating solution is unbalanced, it may lead to a decrease in reaction efficiency and consume more plating solution to compensate.

6. Plating solution pollution: impurities entering the plating solution may interfere with the normal electroless nickel plating reaction and increase useless consumption.

7. Incorrect feed and drain method: If the feed and drain method is improperly designed, it may cause waste of plating solution.

8. Improper storage of plating solution: improper storage conditions of plating solution may accelerate its decomposition and deterioration, increasing consumption.

9. Excessive additives: Adding more additives can improve the quality of the coating, but it may also lead to rapid consumption of the plating solution.

In order to determine the specific reasons for large consumption, we usually need to conduct a specific analysis of factors such as process parameters, bath composition, operating habits and equipment conditions. By optimizing the plating process, controlling the chemical composition ratio, and maintaining good operation and maintenance habits, the consumption of plating solution can be reduced. If you do not know how to analyze, you are welcome to contact Bigely engineers at any time, we will provide you with electroless nickel plating solution and related services.