Problems caused by insufficient electroless nickel plating temperature, do you encounter them?

Problems caused by insufficient electroless nickel plating temperature, do you encounter them?

Fri Apr 05 08:24:22 CST 2024

The temperature during electroless nickel plating is one of the important parameters affecting the quality of the coating. If the reaction temperature is not sufficient, the following problems may occur:

1. Reduce deposition rate: electroless nickel plating reaction is a temperature-sensitive process, if the temperature is too low, the reaction rate will decrease, resulting in a slower deposition rate, thereby increasing the time required to obtain the desired coating thickness.

2. Decreased coating quality: Too low temperature may cause the nickel layer to be more rough, porous and uneven, which will reduce the appearance quality and corrosion resistance of the coating.

3. Promote the increase of internal stress in the coating: The internal stress in the coating may increase, which may reduce the mechanical properties of the coating, such as its bending and tensile strength.

4. Resulting in delamination or stripping of the coating: the adhesion between the coating and the substrate may be affected by insufficient temperature. If the adhesion is not enough, the coating may stratify or peel.

5. Changes in coating composition: in nickel-phosphorus or nickel-boron electroless plating, low temperature may lead to uneven proportion of deposited alloy composition, affecting the physical and chemical properties of the coating.

In practice, in order to obtain good coating quality and performance, it is necessary to ensure that the electroless plating solution is in the appropriate temperature range. Generally, the operating temperature of electroless nickel plating will be set according to the specific plating solution formula and process requirements. Taking Bigely electroless nickel plating solution Ni-809 as an example, its operating temperature needs to be controlled at 85-91℃, so that the plating production can proceed smoothly, and the chemical nickel coating with good corrosion resistance and good binding force can be made.

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