Precautions for the use of nickel sulfamate plating process

Precautions for the use of nickel sulfamate plating process

Mon Apr 29 10:39:01 CST 2024

The nickel sulfamate plating process requires special attention to the following aspects during operation to ensure the quality of the plated layer and to safeguard staff safety and environmental protection:

1. Process parameter control: Plating process parameters (e.g., current density, temperature, pH, stirring speed, etc.) have a significant impact on the quality and performance of the plated layer, so they need to be controlled and monitored.

2. Plating solution maintenance: The concentration of nickel ions, sulfamic acid and the concentration of additives in the plating solution must be tested and replenished on a regular basis to maintain the stability of the plating solution.

3. Importance of Pretreatment: The pretreatment step of the workpiece is critical in the nickel sulfamate plating process, as the surface of the workpiece must be thoroughly cleaned and activated to remove grease, oxides, and other contaminants, which may result in poor adhesion and non-uniformity of the plated layer.

4. Wastewater treatment: Electroplating solutions and cleaning water contain heavy metals and other hazardous substances and must be properly treated before discharge to meet environmental discharge standards.

5. Use of our Bigely nickel sulfamate additives: Additives in the plating solution should be accurately proportioned; excesses or deficiencies may affect the appearance and performance of the plated layer.

6. Clamping: The proper clamping of the plated workpiece is very important to ensure even distribution of current and to obtain uniform plating.

7. Plating inspection: Upon completion of plating, the plating shall be inspected to ensure that it is free from defects, such as pinholes, cracks, blisters, etc., and conforms to the required specifications for thickness and properties.

By observing these precautions and using Bigely nickel sulfamate additives, you can improve the efficiency and quality of nickel sulfamate plating in your production.

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