Poor bonding power of chrome coating? Find out how to use current density to control bonding forces!

Poor bonding power of chrome coating? Find out how to use current density to control bonding forces!

Wed Jan 17 08:51:11 CST 2024

Decorative chrome plating process is usually used in auto parts, bicycle accessories, bathroom equipment, kitchen utensils and other products. There are certain requirements for the binding force of the coating, so how to control the binding force?

It is a good method to control the current density to ensure the bonding force between the chromium plating layer and the substrate. If you want to control the current density, you can operate in the following five aspects.

1. Determine the appropriate current density: Different decorative chrome plating processes and substrates may require different current densities. In order to ensure the quality of the coating, the current density needs to be kept within the range specified in the solution supplier's specification.

2. Use pulse plating: pulse plating technology can be used to improve the adhesion and uniformity of the coating. By controlling the shape, frequency and duty cycle of the pulse, the deposition process can be controlled and the physical and chemical properties of the coating can be optimized.

3. Monitor current fluctuations: Current fluctuations can lead to uneven coating, which may affect the binding force. Therefore, it is necessary to use a stable power supply and plating device to ensure that the current remains stable throughout the chrome plating process.

4. Avoid excessive current: too high current density will lead to poor wetting of the coating, the formation of rough coating, which are not conducive to the coating and substrate bonding force. It is important to keep the current at the right level.

Through the above measures, the current density can be controlled to ensure the good bonding force between the coating and the substrate in the process of chromium plating. Therefore, when customers use the decorative chromium additive CR-9 from Bigely, we recommend that they follow the above measures to control the current density.

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