Palladium activator should be used correctly in the electroplating process of plastic parts to avoid poor adhesion of electroless nickel coating

Palladium activator should be used correctly in the electroplating process of plastic parts to avoid poor adhesion of electroless nickel coating

Fri Jan 13 08:46:43 CST 2023

    Mr. Jia from Taicang, Jiangsu Province, is the owner of a plastic electroplating processing factory.Recently, one of Mr. Jia's operators thought that the palladium activation solution was acidic and the gel solution was acidic during the production process, so the workpiece was directly degummed without washing after the palladium activation treatment before electroless nickel plating.Although the workpiece can be plated, the adhesion of the coating is not good.Is this the improper use of palladium activator?

    Just that day, Mr. Jia met with Bigolly's engineers for a return visit. After seeing this phenomenon in the production line, he immediately stopped the practice and explained to Mr. Jia and the operator,If the plastic workpiece is not cleaned after palladium activation treatment, too many catalytic particles on the surface of the workpiece will affect the service life and stability of the solution. It will also lead to the deposition speed of the workpiece during electroless nickel plating is too fast, the coating is easy to appear loose and poor adhesion, and will also lead to the scrapping of the electroless nickel plating solution.

    Although the colloidal palladium activator of Bigolly has good stability, it should also be operated according to the normal process flow.Generally, a pre-leaching process should be used before palladium activation in production to protect the palladium activation tank from being polluted by the previous water washing.There should be two or three times of countercurrent water washing between the processes of palladium activation, degumming and electroless nickel plating to shield the mutual pollution between plating baths, improve the stability and service life of each working solution, and effectively reduce production costs.So Mr. Jia quickly changed back to the production process of "palladium activation - two water washes - gel release - two water washes - electroless nickel plating", and the phenomenon of poor adhesion of the workpiece coating also disappeared.

    Mr. Jia sighed that it was a good thing that the engineers of Bigolly returned to the service in time and found this problem.However, when the solution is scrapped and the electroless nickel plating solution is scrapped, it is necessary to stop production to prepare the plating solution again. How unworthy is the cost loss of these human and material resources!

    Therefore, in the production process, we should use palladium activator correctly in strict accordance with the production process to reduce the occurrence of failures and effectively save production costs.If you are interested in this palladium activator, please contact Bigolly customer service for sample links and detailed technical information!

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