Maintenance and management of plating solution when using methanesulfonic acid tin plating brightener

Maintenance and management of plating solution when using methanesulfonic acid tin plating brightener

Tue Aug 16 16:31:27 CST 2022

    In the production process of our use of methylsulfonic acid tin brightener, the plating solution needs to be maintained and maintained.If the electroplating solution is not well maintained, the consumption of brightener will increase, and the quality of the coating will be unstable, which not only wastes raw materials, but also increases production costs.So how should the bath be maintained and managed?

    Bigolly Technology made an analysis based on the field experience and the characteristics of the product's methylsulfonic acid tin brightener Sn-819,there are four main points:

    1. Strengthen the pretreatment.The oxides, grease and other contaminants on the surface of the workpiece before tin plating need to be thoroughly cleaned to obtain a tin plating layer with good bonding force with the substrate, fine and bright crystals.If the pretreatment is not good, the oil and other pollutants brought in will accumulate in the plating solution, which will make the plating solution unstable and will seriously make the plating solution scrapped.

    2. Ensure the quality of chemical raw materials and the purity of tin anode.The methanesulfonic acid and tin methanesulfonate used in the preparation of the plating solution should be of analytical or chemical purity, not industrial grade.The anode plate should be made of high-purity tin plate with more than 99.9%.After the unqualified chemical raw materials are used to prepare the plating solution, the performance of the plating solution is easy to decrease, and the impurities increase, which will lead to the poor quality of the tin-plated layer.

    3. Regularly analyze and adjust the plating solution.The main components of the plating solution are methanesulfonic acid and tin methanesulfonate, which should be regularly analyzed at least twice a week, and necessary adjustments should be made according to the analysis results.

    4. Select the appropriate brightener and add it correctly.The plating solution without brightener can not get a bright tin plating layer, and after adding an appropriate amount of brightener, a fine and bright plating layer can be obtained.There are two conditions for choosing brightener: ① low consumption, less supplement, and obvious effect; ② wide range of use, stable solution and moderate price.The tin plating brightener should adhere to the principle of adding more frequently and less frequently during use, and the specific addition amount can be determined according to the quantity, shape and appearance quality of the workpieces produced.

    Therefore, in the production process of using methylsulfonic acid tin plating brightener, the maintenance and management of the plating solution should remember the above 4 points, which can effectively reduce the failure rate and stabilize the production quality.If you are interested in methylsulfonic acid tin plating brightener, please contact Bigolly customer service to get free samples and detailed technical information!

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