Main application areas of copper plating

Main application areas of copper plating

Sat Mar 16 08:43:23 CST 2024

Acid bright copper plating process is a special copper plating method characterized by the addition of brightening agents to the plating solution in order to achieve the effect of a bright, smooth copper layer on the metal surface. The main application areas of acid bright copper plating process include the following:

1. Decorative industry: Copper has a natural reddish-golden color, and bright copper plating is popular for decorative items, furniture ornaments, fashion accessories, watches, and jewelry, especially on items that require a mirror shine or special surface effect.

2. Automotive industry: automotive decorative parts, badges, car radiators often use acid bright copper plating to achieve decorative effect and provide corrosion resistance.

3. Hardware Manufacturing: Hardware products such as door handles, architectural hardware, and bathroom fittings are also often acid bright copper plated to increase their cosmetic appeal and improve their resistance to wear and tear.

4. Musical Instrument Manufacturing: Certain musical instruments, such as brass instruments, are manufactured using an acid bright copper plating process to improve cosmetic quality and durability.

5. Motor industry: The coil windings of electric motors are usually made of copper wire, and acid copper plating can be used to increase the electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance of the copper wire surface. This treatment improves the efficiency of the motor and extends the life of the coil.  

Acid bright copper plating provides good surface quality and is used in a wide range of applications, especially where a combination of aesthetics, protection and functionality is required. So, how can we ensure the quality of the plating in the acid bright copper plating process? We can use Bigely acid copper plating brightener, which is easy to control and produce pinholes, low internal stresses, ductility, and low layer resistance, and is suitable for industries that require high physical properties of the layer.

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