Low prices of colloidal palladium activators are not necessarily good, high concentrations can save production costs!

Low prices of colloidal palladium activators are not necessarily good, high concentrations can save production costs!

Wed Jun 14 16:47:04 CST 2023

Many customers choose cheaper colloidal palladium activators in the production process of plastic electroplating. Little did they know that cheap activators not only have low concentration, poor activity, large dosage, but also high production costs. So, choosing high concentration colloidal palladium activators can save production costs!

Mr. Li from Ningbo, Zhejiang is the owner of a processing factory engaged in plastic electroplating production. Their production line has always used a domestic brand of colloidal palladium activator, and the use effect is still good. Once, due to the supplier's temporary inability to supply and Mr. Li's urgent need, Mr. Li wanted to solve the production problem by purchasing online.

On this day, Mr. Li saw Bigley's colloidal palladium activator PL-5, which was slightly more expensive, while searching online. He then had a detailed understanding of the performance and dosage of this colloidal palladium activator. At first, Mr. Li felt that the price of this colloidal palladium activator was slightly higher. However, after the engineer's introduction, Mr. Li compared the process parameters and found that the concentration of this palladium activator PL-5 was high, the dosage was low, and the activation effect of the tank solution was good, the service life was long, and the production cost was more economical. So Mr. Li decided to try buying a small amount first.

Under the guidance of the engineer, Mr. Li used this colloidal palladium activator PL-5 and found that it originally required 20-30ml/L of activation solution for cylinder opening, while using this PL-5 only required 3-8ml/L, greatly reducing the slotting cost. Moreover, this palladium activator has good activity and can effectively improve the absorption rate of the workpiece surface, thereby increasing production costs. After a week of production, Mr. Li reported that using this PL-5 can save more than 40% of production costs, and is expected to save 100000 yuan per month. Soon, Mr. Li signed a long-term cooperation purchase and sales contract with Bigley again.

So, in the production process of plastic electroplating, we cannot only consider cheap colloidal palladium activators, but should choose high concentration colloidal palladium activators such as Bigley's PL-5, which can not only reduce the dosage and production costs; Effectively extending the service life of the tank liquid, reducing the frequency of tank liquid replacement, and saving costs; Improve the activity of the activation solution, increase the reaction rate, and improve production efficiency. If you are interested in this colloidal palladium activator, please contact Bigley customer service for sample links and detailed technical information!

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