Is there an alternative to hydrochloric acid to remove rust?

Is there an alternative to hydrochloric acid to remove rust?

Sat Jun 08 08:40:45 CST 2024

The reason for using hydrochloric acid for plating rust removal is that hydrochloric acid is effective in removing oxidized layers, rust, and other contaminants from metal surfaces. Metal surfaces can easily form a layer of iron oxide, or rust, after prolonged exposure to air. These oxides must be thoroughly cleaned before plating to ensure that the plating layer adheres evenly and firmly to the metal surface.

Hydrochloric acid is a strong acid that quickly reacts with iron oxides on metals to produce water-soluble ferric chloride, which cleans metal surfaces.

The water-soluble products of rust removal can be rinsed away with water, leaving a clean metal surface that sets the stage for the plating process. Plating rust removal using hydrochloric acid is more effective than physical methods such as grinding or sanding, and it is easier to reach hard-to-clean parts of the metal surface such as micropores and cracks.

However, there are drawbacks to using hydrochloric acid for rust removal. Hydrochloric acid is highly corrosive and potentially harmful to both the operator and the environment. Its vapors and volatility can cause irritation or injury to the respiratory system, and improper handling of hydrochloric acid solutions can pollute the environment. In addition, residual acid after hydrochloric acid treatment may affect plating quality or accelerate metal corrosion if it is not cleaned thoroughly. 

Therefore, appropriate safety precautions must be taken when using hydrochloric acid for rust removal, including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, ensuring good ventilation conditions, and properly disposing of waste liquid. These operations will undoubtedly increase the cost of production, is there any other substance can replace hydrochloric acid?

The answer is yes, we can use Bigely acid salt activator BC-629, which can replace hydrochloric acid and most of the plating plant commonly used descaling substances, the use of no pungent ji odor, no yellow smoke, the use of safe, not only to quickly go to the surface of the workpiece to remove the oxidation of the skin and rust spots, but also play a role in the activation.

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