In the hard chrome process, why is the coating still not uniform even after using an auxiliary anode?

In the hard chrome process, why is the coating still not uniform even after using an auxiliary anode?

Wed May 29 09:01:21 CST 2024

In the hard chrome process, why is the coating still uneven after the use of an auxiliary anode?

About Failure Phenomenon

A plating plant is a hard chrome plating production line, a certain order task is groove-shaped alloy steel parts for plating, the shape of the workpiece is similar to the copper tube crystallizer we mentioned earlier, hard chrome plating on the surface, the front-line operators have used an auxiliary anode, however, they found that the plating layer appeared to be uneven phenomenon.

About several causes of failure

When plating hard chrome on alloy steel workpieces, we need to use low current for activation treatment before plating. In this process, the following factors will affect the effect of low current density activation:

a. Activation time

b. Shape of parts

c. Cathode current density

d. Distance between cathode and anode

e. Location of auxiliary anodes

Considering the above factors, we have summarized a few key points to guarantee the activation of the surface of the workpiece:

a. Current density below 3A/dm2

b. The current density must be increased slowly and continuously for a specified period of time

c. If the shape of the workpiece is complicated, then we should not connect the auxiliary anode during activation, so as not to cause excessive concentration of current

d. After completing the activation, the auxiliary anode should be turned on immediately and the current density should be increased to the normal range

How was the failure resolved?

The electroplating plant technicians, for the scene to analyze the situation, found that it is due to the front-line operators in the activation of the workpiece on the auxiliary anode on, resulting in uneven plating fault, so they did not turn on the auxiliary anode during the activation, wait until the activation is completed, the auxiliary anode immediately to the turn on, after this operation, the fault can be solved.

In the hard chrome process, due to the cathode power line and current efficiency, the uniformity of coating thickness has been a difficult problem, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate hard chrome additives, as well as the adjustment of the geometric factors to solve this problem. And both of them need certain technical force as support.

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