In our production process of using nickel plated brightener, it is very harmful to mistake the stainless steel plate as the anode.

In our production process of using nickel plated brightener, it is very harmful to mistake the stainless steel plate as the anode.

Tue Aug 09 15:23:51 CST 2022

    In the production process of using nickel plating brightener, the maintenance and management of the plating solution is very important.Sometimes the operation of the field operator is not standardized, which will bring a lot of trouble to the production.Such a thing happened in Mr. He's production line in Dongguan.

    Due to operator error, the stainless steel plate was mistakenly used as an anode plate for nickel plating.The workpieces plated all at once have poor brightness, whitening, pitting, some serious yellowing, and some local nickel layer blackening, so that the chrome layer will have mottled phenomenon after chrome plating.

    Mr. He analyzed the plating solution and determined that the plating solution was caused by excessive iron impurities, and replaced all the anode plates with nickel plates.After that, the plating solution was treated with hydrogen peroxide and activated carbon, and the color of the plating solution was dark green.Later, it was changed to potassium permanganate-activated carbon treatment, but the plating solution was still dark green, and the production was not normal.No way, Mr. He turned to Bigolly's engineers for help.

    After Bigolly's engineers arrived at the site for analysis, they took a small amount of plating solution for Hull cell experiments.Heat the treated plating solution to 60~70℃, adjust the pH value to about 5.0, add an appropriate amount of activated carbon under stirring, keep for 2 hours, stand for precipitation and filter, and the obtained plating solution is clear.After adding brightener to the clarified plating solution, filming was carried out, and normal results were obtained.So Mr. He also adjusted the plating tank, and production could be resumed soon.

    Bigolly's engineer reminded Mr. He that he should train the operators on site and not use the wrong anode plate any more.Mr. He also sighed that after this lesson, he knew that using the wrong anode plate has such a great impact on production,and thanks to the help of Bigley's engineers, it was possible to get back to production so quickly.

    Therefore, in the process of using nickel plating brightener, we must use nickel plate as anode plate.Accidentally using the wrong stainless steel plate as the anode plate will dissolve iron impurities in the plating solution, causing failure and affecting the production situation.