Imported tin plating additives are expensive and large in use. Try this sulfate tin plating additive

Imported tin plating additives are expensive and large in use. Try this sulfate tin plating additive

Mon Jan 02 13:49:58 CST 2023

    Many people think that it is better to use imported tin plating additives in the production process of tin plating.However, due to the high price of imported additives and the high production cost, we can actually consider choosing domestic sulfate tin plating additives with stable performance to try.

    Mr. He is the boss of an electroplating factory for electroplating tin of semiconductor components in Shanghai.Since Mr. He has high requirements for the quality of tin plating additives, he has always used a German brand of additives.However, in the past year, the cost of product tin plating has increased by 30%, while the unit price of tin plating has been reduced by 20%. As a result, the tin plating process of products is almost unprofitable.So Mr. He continued to look for a sulfate tin plating additive with excellent price and performance.

    Through online search, Mr. He compared several tin plating additive manufacturers, their strength, performance and price.Later, Mr. He felt that Bigolly's sulfate tin plating additive Sn-807 was more in line with his production requirements.So Mr. He and the engineers of Bigolly applied for samples for testing.

    Under the guidance of the engineer, Mr. He tested this sulfate tin plating additive Sn-807.As this tin plating additive is made of raw materials from BASF and Dow Chemical, the bath has good stability.Both the appearance and coating performance of the product are very close to those of the previous imported additives, but the price has been reduced by more than 40%, and the use of additives has also been reduced by 10%, greatly reducing the production cost.So Mr. He signed a cooperation agreement with Bigolly.

    Therefore, the imported additive we used in the production of tin plating is expensive and has a large amount of use. It is better to try this sulfate tin plating additive Sn-807 to effectively save production costs.If you are interested in this sulfate tin plating additive, please contact the Bigolly customer service for free samples and detailed technical information!