How would you solve the malfunction encountered in using steel chemical degreasing powder?

How would you solve the malfunction encountered in using steel chemical degreasing powder?

Thu May 23 09:43:54 CST 2024

In the link of electroplating treatment, pre-treatment oil removal is an important link, which will affect the subsequent production. Therefore, strict control of process parameters and the use of steel chemical degreasing powder are things that need to be paid attention to. When you encounter a failure, you need to troubleshoot from several directions.

Mr. Deng from Fujian is the owner of an electroplating factory, recently in the anodic electrochemical degreasing of steel parts, some steel plating parts appear reddish-brown deposits on the surface. Mr. Deng was distressed about this, because after removing it, it was found that the matrix of the corresponding part had been seriously corroded. This is time-consuming and laborious for the electroplating factory, but also suffered losses.

One day, he searched Bigely Technology on the internet and decided to ask our engineers for help to try. Engineers rushed to the scene to investigate, pointed out that it may be due to the degreasing solution composition is too low, because when the degreasing solution of NaOH concentration is reduced, the anode area of the solution PH value will drop, then the degreasing rate will be reduced, the oxygen precipitation increased, then the surface of the plated parts began to oxidize and the appearance of adhesion, and will even produce obvious brown rust. After sampling and analyzing, it was found that this was indeed the cause.

After careful understanding, we know that Mr. Deng used a chemical degreasing powder produced by a manufacturer before, because the formula ratio design is unreasonable, resulting in this production failure. In fact, if Mr. Deng could have known Bigely steel chemical degreasing powder BC-1101 earlier, he would not have encountered this situation. This degreasing powder has fast degreasing speed, strong degreasing ability, easy cleaning, and is suitable for high and low temperature operation. Wide operating range, easy to control. The composition ratio is also reasonable. It is the Gospel of the majority of electroplating people.

There are several other reasons that cause chemical degreasing failure, if there is a friend who knows, welcome to leave a message. If you are interested in our steel chemical degreasing powder, you can also contact customer service, we will provide free samples and detailed technical information.