How to use the plastic surface roughening agent?

How to use the plastic surface roughening agent?

Fri Jan 26 16:49:09 CST 2024

A customer enquired how we should use the plastic surface roughening agent in the plastic plating process.

In the roughing process constantly stirring the plastic surface roughening agent or turn the plastic parts, to ensure that the parts roughing uniformity, in the drum rotation roughing, the speed should be controlled at 45 ~ 65r/min. At the same time, we must control the temperature of the roughening solution, the temperature is low roughening speed is slow, the temperature is too high, the plastic will be thermal expansion, and cold shrinkage when cleaning, the surface of the net cracks will be visible to the naked eye.

Small parts such as buttons, small knobs and other thermal deformation of small, can use the upper limit of temperature, that is, 75 ℃ under the roughing 10 min; large plastic parts and the shape of complex thin-walled plastic parts are easy to thermal deformation, it is appropriate to use low temperature and long time roughing, that is, 60 ℃ under the roughing 15 min; old roughing solution temperature and time are taken as the upper limit, that is, 75 ℃ under the roughing 15 min. use of the roughing solution for too long, due to the accumulation of a larger amount of trivalent chromium and When the trivalent chromium is greater than 20 g/L, we can replace part of the solution or regenerate it with cation exchange resin, and dilute the roughening solution before regeneration.

So, how to choose the right plastic surface roughening agent? We can use Bigely's plastic surface roughening agent PL-2, which produces a more uniform etching of the plastic surface, especially in cracks, hidden holes and joints; it also improves the bonding of the workpieces to the plating, which helps to ensure that subsequent sensitisation, activation and electroless copper or nickel plating can be carried out without any problems.

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