How to tell whether the coarsening liquid has aged?

How to tell whether the coarsening liquid has aged?

Tue Jun 04 13:36:50 CST 2024

The aging of plastic coarsening additives can be judged by several key indicators, which are commonly used parameters in the electroplating industry to measure the state of the electroplating solution. To determine whether the coarsening additives are aging, it is usually necessary to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Appearance observation:

The color, transparency and sediment of the coarsening additive may change during use. If the color of the solution is found to be significantly enriched or abnormal color appears, or an insoluble precipitate is generated, this may be a sign that the additive is aging.

2. Chemical activity test:

Using standardized test sheets for test plating, if the additive ages, the roughness of the plastic surface will decrease, resulting in a decrease in the adhesion between the coating and the plastic substrate. By testing the surface roughness and the adhesion strength of the coating, the active state of the additive can be determined.

3. Concentration measurement:

The active ingredients of the coarsening additives may degrade due to reaction consumption. Chemical analysis, such as titration or spectral analysis, can determine the active ingredient concentration of the additive. If the concentration is below the standard operating range, it indicates that the additive may be aging.

4. pH and temperature monitoring:

In the coarsening process, the pH value of the coarsening additive is very important to the treatment effect. Monitor and adjust the pH of the solution frequently to ensure that it is within the appropriate range. If the pH value cannot be restored to the ideal range through routine adjustment, it may be a reflection of additive aging. At the same time, the abnormal fluctuation of temperature will also affect the coarsening effect, which should be paid attention to.

In summary, the evaluation of coarsening additives in the electroplating industry is mainly a comprehensive judgment based on appearance observation, chemical activity test, concentration measurement and process environment monitoring. If the coarsening additive has indeed aged, it needs to be replaced to ensure the normal operation of the plating process and the quality of the product.

Frequent replacement of the bath is a large cost for the electroplating plant, so you can choose a long-life Bigely coarsening additive, which helps to save costs and improve the coarsening effect.

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