How to solve the striation of coke copper coating? You must see this before using coke copper brightener!

How to solve the striation of coke copper coating? You must see this before using coke copper brightener!

Wed Jan 03 14:06:46 CST 2024

What is hindering the development of electroplating factories? For many electroplating factories, the ability to retain customers is the difference between success and failure. Good plating quality is essential if you want to keep your customers, but many plating factories say they have plating streaks when using coke copper brightener, what is the reason? And how to solve it?

There are three reasons:

① Bad condition after plating. If there is salt residue on the surface of the part, it will cause plating streaks once dry, or the cleaning time of the workpiece is too long. At this time, we should check the workpiece transfer time and strengthen washing.

② Poor treatment before plating. This mainly refers to the poor treatment of the pre-workpiece after copper plating and before entering the coke copper tank electroplating.

Therefore, we must first do sufficient washing of the workpiece, and then do etching treatment (with dilute hydrochloric acid), so that the residual qing compound on the workpiece can be removed to avoid it being brought into the coke copper tank. Otherwise, it is easy to produce plating streaks.

Bigely pyrophosphate copper brightener Cu-203

③ There is oil on the surface of the parts. The electroplating factory needs to check whether there is an oil film in the acid immersion solution and cleaning water, if there is, we must find a way to remove it, of course, you can also choose to replace the acid and cleaning water (but this cost will be much higher).

In pyrophosphate copper plating process, the production problems encountered are often such as plating streaks and other defects, in fact, this is related to the use of brightening agent, a good brightening agent, such as Bigely pyrophosphate copper brightener Cu-203, added to the pyrophosphate copper bath after the plating can be obtained with high brightness, good bonding, porosity copper plating, and high current efficiency, fast deposition speed, and stability is better.

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