How to prevent failure in nickel plating process? Have you confirmed these things before plating?

How to prevent failure in nickel plating process? Have you confirmed these things before plating?

Fri Dec 29 08:22:15 CST 2023

Common failures of the nickel plating process, such as pinholes, fogging and other defects, we have discussed in previous articles, and will not repeat them here. So in order to prevent these failures, what do we need to pay attention to before electroplating?

Clarify the purpose of plating

Due to the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, nowadays, in addition to doing plating for the purpose of decoration and corrosion prevention, there are many people who are concerned about other characteristics of the plated layer, such as nickel plating process that improves electrical conductivity, hardness of the plated layer, and reduces the internal stress of the plated layer.

We can use electroplating method to obtain the required functional requirements of the coating. Therefore, in order to meet the characteristics of the coating, the electroplating factory must grasp the purpose.

Confirmation of base material

Whether the base material chosen for plating is different from the usual, whether the surface processing is different from the usual, whether the amount of oil adhering is more than the usual, whether the color tone after heat treatment is different from the usual, and so on.

Bigely nickel plating brightener

For all of the above, if there is any difference compared to the original, we need to confirm it and ask for advice from experienced workers. In addition, it is important to record and keep a record of what is noted.

Remember what we said before? Bright nickel plating plating layer appears pinhole, pitting is related to the substrate material, for example, the substrate surface distribution of deeper microporous, pitting, sand eyes, point rust, etc., in the plating process these defective parts will be strong precipitation of hydrogen and the deposition of plating is not formed, the formation of the so-called pinhole.

Therefore, when customers use Bigely nickel plating brightener, in order to meet the performance requirements of the plating layer, we will arrange technical engineers to provide technical support, to guide the precautions before and after plating, to assist customers to do a good job in the quality of the plating layer, to improve the rate of plating products through the delivery of fast service to their customers.

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