How to make trivalent chromium blue zinc passivation film more blue?

How to make trivalent chromium blue zinc passivation film more blue?

Fri May 03 08:07:30 CST 2024

To achieve a bluer trivalent chromium blue zinc passivate film color, some parameters in the passivation process need to be carefully adjusted. The following are some of the factors that may affect the color of the passivate film:

1. Chemistry of the passivate: The proper formulation of a trivalent chromium passivate is critical to obtaining the desired film color. This may include the concentration of the trivalent chromium salt, the choice and proportion of additives, and other elements. Trivalent chromium blue zinc passivates from Bigely can be used to obtain a bright blue uniform film.

2. Temperature and time: The temperature of the passivate and the time the metal is treated in the passivate have a significant effect on the quality and color of the passivated film. It is often necessary to experiment to determine the combination of temperature and time that is better suited to produce the desired blue layer.

3. pH: The pH of the passivation solution needs to be controlled within a suitable range to ensure that the color and performance of the film layer meets the requirements.

4. Degree of surface cleanliness: Prior to passivation, the metal surface must be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, grease and oxides. The quality of the surface preparation directly affects the uniformity and color of the final passivated film.

5. Pre-treatment: The quality of the coating (e.g. brightness and uniformity) also affects the appearance of the passivated film. Pretreatment steps (e.g. pickling and activation) should be properly controlled.

6. Cleaning after passivation: Ensure that the passivated product is properly rinsed and dried to remove residual passivate and prevent later discoloration.

7. Passivation post-treatment: After completion of passivation, post-treatment may be required in some cases to enhance the color and protective properties of the film, such as a sealing treatment or a secondary treatment with an additional cover solution.

Specific adjustments to these parameters usually require experimentation and optimization based on actual production conditions and expected results. It is recommended to go through a series of experiments under the guidance of Bigely technical engineers to achieve better trivalent chromium blue zinc passivation results. Please note that the exact formulation and process parameters may vary for each passivate solution, therefore Bigely provides technical support to customers when using trivalent chrome blue zinc passivate solutions.

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