How to keep the plating solution clear all year round when using acid tin plating brightener?

How to keep the plating solution clear all year round when using acid tin plating brightener?

Thu Feb 29 09:07:25 CST 2024

Maybe you think that when using acid tin plating brighteners, as long as you control the process parameters well, it is enough to get a good quality of plating, and it is actually true to think so! It is just that 80% of platers also find that soon after production, the shine of the plated layer starts to deteriorate and solderability is seriously reduced? The reason for such problems is that your plating solution has become cloudy.

So, what are the reasons for the turbidity of the tin plating solution, and how do we prevent it?

Causes of oxidation of tin plating solution

(1) Air oxidation - be sure to cover the notch when stopping plating, the stronger the better, to prevent the solution from too much contact with the air and oxidation

(2) The plated parts are dissolved - such as products falling into the cylinder or poor conductivity

(3) electrode reaction - such as anode current density is too large, there is no charged lower groove, bad conduction, etc

(4) The temperature is too high - there must be cooling measures

Chloride ion has a destructive effect on the stability of the bath

Chlorine is separated directly from tin divalent to form a basic stannous chloride precipitation, suspended in the liquid, making the bath cloudy.

The metal tin has a stabilizing effect on tin divalent

The reason is that the metal tin can reduce the quaternary tin to the divalent tin, play a stable role in the plating solution, reduce the production of stannic acid. Therefore, try not to cover the anode bag, adding the anode bag will make the solution convection blocked and the divalent tin in the bag to saturation so that the anode is seriously passivated, resulting in anode oxygen evolution.

Therefore, in the production process of using acid tin plating brightener, the electroplating factory should take out the tin anode after work every day and wash the black tin oxide before hanging into the plating tank, do not take out the plating tank outside.

These are some of the reasons for the turbidity of the plating solution, in other words, in order to ensure the quality of the coating, it is necessary to take specific measures to prevent the above problems, but also need to use Bigely acid tin plating brightener, to make the product coating weldability, can meet the requirements of ASTM B678-86 standard.

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