How to keep the plating solution clear all year round when using acid tin plating brightener? (II)

How to keep the plating solution clear all year round when using acid tin plating brightener? (II)

Fri Mar 08 08:12:05 CST 2024

In the previous article, we talked about the three reasons why the plating solution will become cloudy when using acid tin plating brightener, and the corresponding adjustment method, this time we will talk about the four reasons and solutions.

The black sludge produced by the anode

Metallic tin is normally silver-white, in stannous compounds, stannous oxide is black, stannous sulfide is black-brown, and tin oxide is white.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the black mud on the anode of acidic tinplating solution is tin oxide, and the white mud on the neutral pure tin anode is tin quadrivalent, but it is not metal tin slag, but the anode produces oxygen during electrolysis so that tin atoms are oxidized into black tin oxide, so please do not feel bad, and the anode should be washed frequently.

The solution stabilizer must be sufficient

After opening the cylinder, the stabilizer should also be added as often as the acidic tinplating brightener, even if the tinplating brightener is not added, the stabilizer should be added, and the amount should be increased or doubled within the rated consumption range.

The principle is that most of the stabilizer components are consumed by oxidation when reducing tetravalent tin to divalent tin, that is to say, a part of the stabilizer remains in the plating solution to stabilize the plating solution, and a part is oxidized when reducing, and the consumption on the manual is only the theoretical value and does not consider the actual production of the oxidized part of the reduction, so the stabilizer is much larger than the theoretical consumption. It is not the low concentration of the manufacturer's stabilizer that causes the large amount of use.

Have you found that in the process of using acid tin plating brightener, often can not mechanically comply with the instructions, more is to be combined with the actual production situation to decide, and this determines that the user must be familiar with the electroplating product, familiar with its process parameters, different scenarios of the potion supplement amount and so on.

Therefore, when customers are using Bigely acid tin plating brightener, we will arrange engineers to provide technical support, so that customers can consult any problems in production, so that the quality of the products produced by electroplating is guaranteed.

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