How to judge the quality of electroless copper plating additives?

How to judge the quality of electroless copper plating additives?

Tue Jun 04 11:35:50 CST 2024

Judging the quality of electroless copper plating additives usually involves the following aspects:

1. Coating quality: The more direct method is to evaluate the coating effect obtained after the use of the additive. A good electroless copper plating additive should be able to produce a smooth, uniform, porous, crack-free coating. The coating should have good adhesion, good corrosion resistance and physical properties.

2. Appearance of the coating: color, brightness and smoothness are the appearance indicators to judge the quality of the coating. Bigley's electroless copper plating additives provide stable color and high gloss.

3. Coating thickness uniformity: The uniformity of the coating is assessed by measuring the thickness of different parts. Good electroless copper plating additives can ensure that the coating is evenly distributed throughout the surface of the coated material.

4. Process stability: Bigely electroless copper plating additive can maintain a certain process stability during the plating process, and is not prone to failure or quality reduction even after a long period of operation.

5. Strict quality control: A good supplier should have a strict quality control system, such as ISO certification, to provide stable and meet the technical requirements of the product.

6. Technical support: Technical support and services provided by suppliers are also an important aspect of assessing additive quality, including formulation optimization, problem solving and operational training.

In practice, the performance of additives can be evaluated through laboratory tests and actual production tests. When purchasing electroless copper plating additives, you can first ask the potion supplier Bigley to provide samples, and test its effect and performance under experimental conditions, in order to determine whether it meets the requirements.

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