How to improve the deep plating ability of nickel electroplating?

How to improve the deep plating ability of nickel electroplating?

Mon May 27 14:04:02 CST 2024

How to improve the deep plating capacity of nickel electroplating has been plagued by many plating plant problems, this issue of the article we will take stock of the relevant measures.

The deep plating capability of the plating solution, also known as the coverage capability, refers to the ability of the plating layer to obtain a complete coating on parts that are irregularly shaped or have deep holes or blind holes.

The shape of some workpieces is irregular, when we are electroplating nickel, the power line is easily affected, the distribution of the current density is not uniform, the current density of some holes in the inner position can not reach the current density required for metal deposition, and thus can not get a complete coating.

The current density cannot be increased indefinitely either. When the current density of the plating solution is too high, it will cause the plating layer to appear burnt. The deep plating capability of the bath is related to current distribution, base metal material, organization and surface condition.

If you want to improve the deep plating ability of the bath, you need to adjust around the above four factors.

Let's talk about the base metal material, the cleanliness of the hole is a prerequisite for being quickly covered by the coating, if the surface of the workpiece is defective, it is bound to affect the effective deposition of the nickel plating layer, in daily production, the hole inspection and the observation effect is poor, whether it is the human eye or whether it is hydrophilic to judge, it is more difficult. Therefore, we need to increase the frequency of inspection of the workpiece.

Let's talk about brighteners. Nickel plating brightener Ni-301, which can improve the deep plating ability, can be added into the plating solution. It has a good deep plating ability and can deposit a bright white nickel plating layer in the low current density area. And it has good flatness and brightness.

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